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The Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held on Saturday 7th December 2019 starting at 1pm prompt at Kegworth Village Hall, Nottingham Road, Kegworth, Derbyshire DE74 2FH.

Click here for Agenda with Guidance Notes and Directors Reports (PDF)


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. To approve the Minutes of the 2018 AGM
    Held at The Rubery & Rednal Royal British Legion Club, 64 New Road, Rubery, Birmingham, B45 9HY on Saturday 1st December 2018, as published in the next following edition of the ACWS Newsletter.
  3. To receive the reports of the Directors and Officers for the 2019 season as annexed:-
    1. Secretary: Mrs L Reed
    2. Webmaster: Mr M Bussey
    3. Events: Mr P Holt
    4. Treasurer: Mr I Morris (accounts annexed)
    5. Membership: Miss C Morris
    6. CS Commander: Mr G Gibson
    7. US Commander: Mr T Davies
    8. Communications: Mr S Griffin
    9. Health & Safety: Mr M Cross
    10. Marketing: Mr R Willison-Gray
    11. Chairman: Mr M Smart

  4. To receive the audited Accounts.
    Final Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet as annexed for Financial Year ended 30th September 2019. Treasurer will advise the meeting of any adjustments/observations from our Accountants.
  5. To re-appoint Bright Partnership Chartered Accountants as Auditors of the Company & to authorise the Directors to settle their remuneration.
  6. Membership & Registration Fees for the 2020 Season.
    For 2020, the Board of Directors recommend that Membership Fees and Registration Fees remain at the same level, but reserve the right to adjust registration fees as per ACWS Bye-Law B.9.
  7. Election of Board of Directors

    The following Directors are standing for re-election for the 2020 Season unopposed:-
    1. Secretary: Mrs L Reed
    2. Treasurer: Mr I Morris
    3. Membership: Miss C Morris
    4. Webmaster: Mr M Bussey
    5. Communications: Mr S Griffin
    6. Marketing: Mr R Willison-Gray

    7. Additionally, Mr M Smart (Chairman) and Mr M Cross (Health & Safety) are not standing for the positions. Notification of Mr M Cross’s decision was received after the AGM Notice was circulated to the membership, therefore no nominations have been received for this post.
      Mrs H Gibson’s nomination for Chairperson has been proposed and seconded, she has agreed to stand and no other candidate has been proposed.
      Mrs C Mitchell and Miss E Hodgson have both been proposed, seconded and agreed to stand for the position of Events Director.
  8. Election of Mrs H Gibson to the position of Chairperson and as a Director.
  9. Election for the position of Events Director
  10. Election of Mr T Davies to the position of Federal Army Commander & as a Director
    By the members of the Federal Army.
  11. Election of Mr G Gibson to the position of Confederate Army Commander & as a Director
    By the members of the Confederate Army.
    - No other candidates came forward by the due date.
    - NOTE - the voting papers at the meeting and the Proxy votes will be for individual candidates – i.e. NO "block votes".
  12. Events update regarding the 2020 Season
  13. OPEN FORUM : Members question time, comments and suggestions
  14. To transact ANY OTHER BUSINESS of an Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the Board of Directors
Linda Reed
Company Secretary and Director
20th October 2019


Members questions for the AGM may be sent in advance in writing, if you cannot attend, or put forward from the floor on the day at appropriate points in the Agenda, at the Chairman's discretion.

Members are asked to bring their Membership Cards to the AGM for the purposes of validating admission and/or for voting, if needed.

Please make sure you use your vote. Either use your proxy votes (if you are NOT coming to the AGM) whether delivered to you electronically or in paper form or, better still, come to the AGM and vote in person. HAVE YOUR SAY. Remember, this your Society.

Any proxy form votes by members NOT attending the AGM MUST be returned to the Company Secretary, OR e-mailed using the ACWS web-site if you are voting electronically, as instructed in the electronic voting guidance notes, to be received NO LATER than Wednesday 4th December 2019.

Either (if by post) AT:-

  1. Linda Reed
  2. Secretary ACWS Ltd
  3. PO Box 270
  5. Tyne & Wear
  6. NE37 9BX

Please DO NOT attempt to hand-in Proxy Votes late or for another member at the AGM. Because of the checking processes, they can NOT be accepted there & then. Those who do send in Proxy Votes & who find that they CAN attend the Meeting, you are of course very welcome, but please advise the Secretary of this before the Meeting starts, so that the records can be sorted out & a true vote registered.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.
Linda Reed
Secretary and Director
20th October 2019