Ltd (UK)

New Chairman's Statement

Greetings One and all,

As you're now aware our previous Chairman has resigned. I have been co-opted by the board to be the Chairman for 2017. Can I just start by saying thank you for your support and kind words both from "Blue and Grey". I know if we all work together the upcoming season promises to be one of the best we have had in a long time.

This year as you are aware we have a few fantastic events coming up such as the Alamo and culminating the International.

With the Alamo we all need to register that means the whole family not just soldiers, women and children also. ACWS is registering under the Toluca Battalion both Blue, Grey and of course Green for the first time I can think of we can all fight on the same side apart from those portraying Texians. Last date of registration is the 23rd April. To all our Artillery you have been given a great opportunity to fight inside the Alamo. So yes this means you get to shoot at me! Registration forms are available on Remember the Alamo FaceBook page and ACWS member's page in the files section. I'm sure Major Gibson will have some paper copies if you are struggling to find them please contact Glenn. Uniform wise I will go over ideas at the training weekend. Also on the Alamo Face book page there is a link for Uniforms and hats if you wish to buy new ones.

On a personal note I'd like to thank the past chair for his friendship and all his hard work for the society a lot of it has been behind the scenes I have now a big set of shoes to fill.

This is the first of my ramblings there will no doubt be a lot more you know where to find me on camp im in the white tent!

I may look ugly and scary but believe it or not im a big teddy bear so please feel free to come along have a chat or give me a ring if there is anything I can help you with. I am looking forwards to working with everybody on both sides no matter what colour jacket they wear.


Tim Davies
Chairman ACWS Ltd

30th January 2017