Ltd (UK)

Change of Chairman

On 23rd January, the Board received the unexpected resignation of the Chairman, Michael Smart. Mick had been a calming influence during the troublesome events of last few seasons culminating in the revocation of an individual's membership. Following these and recent events, coupled with the breaking of a confidence from someone Mick considered to be a friend, left him, he felt, with no choice but to resign as Chairman of ACWS.

The Board would like to express their sincere thanks and appreciation for the significant contributions Mick Smart made to ACWS during his time as Chairman and are sorry to see such a good Chairman and friend feeling he had no option but to resign his position.

The running of the Society, however, must go on, therefore, the Board of Directors are pleased to announce that, on 27th January 2017, Mr Tim Davies was co-opted to the position of Chairman until the 2017 AGM when the position will come up for re-election.

Linda Reed
For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
29th January 2017