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Thursday May 16 1861
  • Samuel Cooper. C.S.A. is appointed full Confederate General.
  • Benjamin Franklin Butler, U.S.A., is appointed Maj. Gen.
  • John Adams Dix, U.S.A., is appointed Maj. Gen.
  • William Starke Rosecrans, USA, is appointed Brig. Gen.
  • President Abraham Lincoln empowers Bvt. Maj. Gen. George Cadwalader, USA, to arrest any persons under certain circumstances, MD.
  • President Abraham Lincoln orders US Navy Commander, John Rodgers, to take charge of the naval operations in the rivers in the West, most importantly the Mississippi River.
  • Capt. Nelson Cole, 5th MO Infantry, enters Potosi and arrests a number of anti-Union citizens.
  • Tennessee is officially admitted to the Confederacy with manipulation by Governor Isham Harris.
Friday May 16 1862
  • Brig. Gen. Joseph Lewis Hogg, CSA, dies from dysentery, near Shiloh, TN, shortly after joining Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard's, CSA, Confederate Army.
  • John Ellis Wool, U.S.A., is appointed Maj. Gen.
  • Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, USA, closes two New Orleans newspapers, the Bee, and the Delta, New Orleans, LA.
  • Federal operations in Dunklin County, MO, and the capture of the Rebel steamer, Daniel E. Miller, at Hornersville, MO. (May 16-20)
Saturday May 16 1863
  • Skirmish at Tickfaw Bridge, LA.
  • The Battle of Champion's Hill, or Baker's Creek, MS, force a Confederate retreat toward Vicksburg, and the Big Black River, MS, under Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, CSA, by Maj. Gens. John A. McClernand and James B. McPherson, USA, with about 6,300 total casualties.
  • Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, CSA, is mortally wounded at the Battle of Champion's Hill, MS, while directing the fire of his artillery battery, having a shell fragment pass through his chest.
  • Skirmish at Carthage, MO.
  • Skirmish at Berry's Ferry, VA, with Maj. Gen. John Milroy, USA.
  • Skirmish at Piedmont Station, VA, with Maj. Gen. John Milroy, USA.
  • Skirmish at Charlestown, WV, with Maj. Gen. John Milroy, USA.
  • Skirmish at Elizabeth Court-House, WV.
  • Skirmish at Ravenswood, WV.
Monday May 16 1864
  • Skirmish near Calhoun, GA.
  • Skirmish at Floyd's Spring, GA.
  • Action at Rome (or Parker's) Cross-Roads, GA.
  • Action at Big Bushes, 3 miles from Smoky Hill, KS, where the Cheyenne Indians lose 3 chiefs including Black Kettle, and 25 warriors; the Yankees suffering 7 casualties.
  • Skirmish at Pond Creek, Pike County, KY.
  • Engagement at Mansura (Belle Prairie, or Smith's Plantation), LA, the Red River (LA) Campaign.
  • Affair with Indians at Spirit Lake, Minnesota, where in one occasion a Yankee was found dead with 2 bullets and one arrow.
  • Skirmish near Dry wood Creek, MO, 35 miles southeast of Fort Scott, with guerrillas.
  • Federal expedition from Patterson to Bloomfield and Pilot Knob, MO, with among other incidents, the Yankees are attacked by bushwackers, but lose them in the swamp. (May 16-25)
  • Federal expedition against the Apache Indians from Fort Craig, the New Mexico Territory, and to establish Fort Goodwin, the Arizona Territory, on the Gila River, near the confluence of the Rio de Sauz. (May 16-Aug 2)
  • Skirmish on the Ashepoo River, SC.
  • Gen. Pierre G. T. Beauregard, CSA, successfully attacks Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, USA, at Fort Darling, or Drewry's Bluff, VA, forcing Maj. Gens. William F. Smith and Quincy A. Gillmore, USA, to retreat to Bermuda Hundred, VA, where Butler is trapped with the James and Appomattox Rivers to the north and south and Gen. Beauregard, CSA, to the east. Total casualties approximate 6,700.
  • Skirmish at Port Walthall Junction, VA, part of the Army of the James' operations south of the James River.
Tuesday May 16 1865
  • No events on this date.

On This Day information kindly provided by Martin Cross, 2nd U.S. Artillery, Bty B.