History Alive!

Event Safety

Confederate Officers with explosion

The black powder (gun powder) muskets and cannons produce a lot of noise and smoke, so our audiences must be prepared for this.

We pride ourselves on the society's exemplary safety record. Because our battle scenes involve real weapons (firing blank ammunition), it must be stressed that the most stringent safety rules and codes of conduct are observed at all times. All weapons are proofed by a Government test house and fully licensed to the individual members who own them. All members are fully trained and experienced in the use and safe maintenance of their weapons.

We take no chances with our members or with our audiences, we have fully trained medics and first aiders within the society. We are fully covered with public liability insurance and have assisted the Health and Safety Executive, NAReS and the Police in producing a code of conduct for re-enactment societies.

ACWS Medical Impression 2003