The American Civil War and the ACWS

The American Civil War (ACW) was the first modern war. It had a profound effect not only on the USA, but also on the course of subsequent European and World History. Vast numbers of Europeans, especially people from Britain were involved. The war had many firsts, including the first practical use of machine guns, repeating rifles, ironclad ships, modern trench systems, torpedoes, telegraphy, balloons, railroads, and photography.

The American Civil War Society offers the opportunity to experience living history in the form of re-enactments of battles, camps and events of the period.

The American Civil War Society is the largest ACW Society in Britain, with a membership of over eight hundred from all over the country. We recreate and portray the life and battles of this conflict (1861-1865). With as much authenticity as is possible in this modern times, we recreate army camps of the period with living history camp life and drill sessions. Using canvas tents, costumes of the period and open wood cooking fires, the public can get a taste of what life was like for those soldiers and their families in 1860s America. Alternatively, at our events, there is also a separate Family area, where members can stay and camp with modern equipment and vehicles.

Our members are drawn from all walks of life and come to our weekend events on a purely voluntary basis, We help to raise money for charities and are a 'crowd puller' for shows, fetes, and carnivals all over the country.

The American Civil War Society is available at weekends and Bank Holidays for battle re-enactments at major events from spring to autumn each year. For further information about booking us, please contact the Events Director, or for general enquiries please contact the Membership Secretary, on our Contacts Us page.

Secession Map

Footnote on Secession Map. The legal, constitutional, democratically elected government of Missouri seceded from the Union in October, 1861, with a quorum in both houses of the legislature. The state was admitted as the 12th state of the Confederacy in November, 1861. The secession of West Virginia from Virginia took place in June 1863 due to prevailing Union sentiment.