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Sunday June 16 1861
No events on this date.
Monday June 16 1862
  • Federal scout from Batesville to Fairview, Denmark, Hilcher's Ferry, and Bush's Ford, AR. (Jun 16-17)
  • The Emigrant Road expedition from Omaha, Nebraska Territory, to Portland, Oregon Territory. (Jun 16-Oct 30)
  • The engagement at Secessionville, James Island, SC, results in Brig. Gen. Nathan G. Evans, CSA, repulsing Brig. Gen. Henry W. Benham, USA.
  • Skirmish at Winchester, TN.
Tuesday June 16 1863
  • Federal expedition against the Sioux Indians, the Dakota Territory. (Jun 16-Sep 13)
  • Skirmishes at Maysville, Mount Carmel, and Fox Springs, KY, with Capt. P. M. Everett, USA.
  • Action at Triplett's Bridge, Rowan County, KY, with Capt. P. M. Everett, USA.
  • Confederate raid on the Union Lines, during the siege of Port Hudson, LA.
  • Federal demonstration on Waterloo, LA.
  • Skirmish at Quinn's Mills, on the Coldwater, MS.
  • Skirmishes near Holly Springs, MS. (Jun 16-17)
  • Skirmish on the Jornada del Muerto desert, the New Mexico Territory.
  • Affairs in Holmes County, OH, including the US forces putting down an insurrection of bushwackers. (Jun 16-20)
  • Federal expedition from La Grange, TN, to Panola, MS. (Jun 16-24)
  • Federal scout from Memphis to the Hatchie River, TN.
  • The Confederates cross the Potomac River, VA, as Maj. Gens. Joseph Hooker and Henry W. Halleck, USA, argue over Hooker's next move.
Thursday June 16 1864
  • Skirmish at West Point, AR.
  • Federal expedition from Kansas into Missouri, by order of Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis, USA, commanding the Dept. of Kansas. (Jun 16-20)
  • Federal expedition from Fort Leavenworth, KS, to Parley, etal, MO. (Jun 16-17)
  • Maj. Gen. Joseph J. Reynolds, USA, is assigned to command of the forces being assembled at Morganza, LA, to operate against Mobile, AL.
  • Affair on Big North Creek, near Preston, MO, with guerrillas.
  • Action on the Bermuda Hundred, VA, front, as Gen. Pierre G.T. Beauregard, CSA, pulls his troops back to defend the Petersburg, VA, line, the Richmond, VA, Campaign.
  • Actions at Fort Clifton, VA, the Richmond, VA, Campaign. (Jun 16-17)
  • Skirmish at New London, VA, with Maj. Gen. Breckinridge, CSA, The Lynchburg, VA, Campaign.
  • Skirmish on Otter Creek, near Liberty, VA, The Lynchburg, VA, Campaign.
  • Skirmish at Spencer, WV.
Friday June 16 1865
No events on this date.

On This Day information kindly provided by Martin Cross, 2nd U.S. Artillery, Bty B.