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The Rose of Alabamy

Away from Mississippi's vale,
With my ol' hat there for a sail,
I crossed upon a cotton bale
To Rose of Alabamy.

Oh brown Rosie,
Rose of Alabamy!
A sweet tobacco posey
Is my Rose of Alabamy.
A sweet tobacco posey
Is my Rose of Alabamy.

I landed on the far sand bank,
I sat upon the hollow plank,
And there I made the banjo twank
For Rose of Alabamy.

Oh, arter d'rectly bye and bye,
The moon rose white as Rosie's eye;
Then like a young coon out so sly
Stole Rose of Alabamy.

I said "Sit down just where you please."
Upon my lap she took her ease.
"It's good to go upon the knees,"
Said Rose of Alabamy.

The river rose; the cricket sang,
The lightnin' bug did flash his wing;
Then like a rope my arms I fling,
'Round Rose of Alabamy.

We hugged how long I cannot tell.
My Rosie seemed to like it well.
My banjo in the river fell.
Oh, Rose of Alabamy.

Like alligator after prey,
I jump in, but it float away,
And all the while it seem to say,
"Oh Rose of Alabamy."

Now every night come rain or shower,
I hunt that banjo for an hour;
And see my sweet tobacco flower,
Oh, Rose of Alabamy.

Oh fare thee well, you belles of Spain,
And fare thee well to Liza Jane!
Your charms will all be put to shame,
By Rose of Alabamy.

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