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Strike for the South

Strike for the South! let her name ever be
The boast of the true and the brave.
Let freedom's bright star still shine on her brow,
And her banner the proudest still wave.
Strike for the South! shall the heroes who fell,
In graves all unhonor'd repose,
While the turf on each head and the sword by each side,
Has been stained with the blood of her foes.

Strike for the South! we will honour her name
For the glorious deeds she has done!
The laurel we'll twine 'round each patriot brow,
And shout when the battle is won.
Strike for the South! it must never be said
That her banner was furled to a foe;
Let those stars ever shine in bright glory above,
And the pathway to victory show.

Strike for the South! for Liberty's sun
In darkness and gloom has not set;
Her bright beams still shine like a light from above,
And will lead thee to victory yet.
Strike for the South! for her weapons are bright,
And the heroes who wield them are strong;
Let her name brightly glow on the record of fame,
And hers be the proudest in song.