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ACWS - 100% Attendance Report 2015

1st TennesseeAitken, JamesPrivate
1st TennesseeBussey, Mike1st Sergeant
1st TennesseeMitchell, LewisPrivate
1st TennesseeStorer, GemmaPrivate
1st U.S.S.S.Edensor, KerryNon-com
1st U.S.S.S.Edensor, Paul1st Sergeant
1st U.S.S.S.Hobson, JamiePrivate
1st U.S.S.S.Needham, HelenNon-com
1st U.S.S.S.Needham, RobinCorporal
1st U.S.S.S.Smith, Carl1st Sergeant
1st U.S.S.S.Smith, ElizabethPrivate
1st U.S.S.S.Smith, SarahNon-com
2nd S CarolinaDudley, StephenPrivate
2nd S CarolinaDudley, SuePrivate
2nd S CarolinaPlumridge, MatthewPrivate
2nd U.S. Art.Bty.B.Carnell, LindaPrivate
2nd U.S. Art.Bty.B.Davies, CarolinePrivate
14th BrooklynStringer, DawnPrivate
19th IndianaMair, FrankPrivate
32nd VirginiaFarnsworth, AndrewPrivate
43rd N CarolinaDonnelly, PatrickPrivate
43rd N CarolinaDouglas, StewartSergeant
43rd N CarolinaHolden, KevinNon-com
69th New YorkForty, MichaelPrivate
69th New YorkHolt, PeterSergeant
69th New YorkMorris, ClairePrivate
69th New YorkPaul, DarrenCaptain
69th New YorkPaul, SharonPrivate
118th PennsylvaniaGolder, Philip1st Sergeant
118th PennsylvaniaHaberfield, DeanPrivate
118th PennsylvaniaStringer, CatherineNon-com
118th PennsylvaniaStringer, KelPrivate
C.S. StaffGibson, GlennMajor
C.S. StaffMitchell, Kevin2nd Lieutenant
U.S. StaffDavies, TimothyMajor
U.S. StaffHolman, GaryCaptain
U.S. StaffSprakes, ChristianMusician

The above 37 members attended all six major ACWS events.

Above details compiled by Mike Bussey from the Membership Secretary's registration records. Please address any queries to Mike Bussey or Claire Morris.

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