The Inspection-Arms command is issued with the men at Open-Order and in the Order-Arms position with the bayonet in the scabbard.


Face half right on the left heel and move the right foot six inches to the rear of the left foot and at right angles to it. With the left hand, grasp the musket just above the middle band and lean the muzzle to the rear keeping the butt in place.

Draw the bayonet from the scabbard, carry and fix it on the muzzle. Grasp the rammer, draw it as in Draw-Rammer when loading, and let it glide to the bottom of the bore.

Face to the front. Grasp the musket with the right hand and retake the position of Order-Arms.

When the inspector is in front of each soldier, the latter raises the musket with the right hand, and then grasps it with his left hand, between the lower band and the sight, then raises his left hand to chin level, lock to the front. The barrel is in front of the left eye. The right hand is dropped to the side.

The inspector may take the rifle with his right hand. When the inspector does take it, the soldier drops his arms to his side. When the inspector is finished, the soldier takes it back with his right hand, and returns to Order-Arms.

When the inspector has passed each soldier, the latter will retake the position prescribed at the command Inspection-Arms, and return the rammer; after which he will take the position of Order-Arms.


During the Civil War, the rammer was placed in the barrel and sprung (bounced) in the barrel. If the barrel rang, then the musket was unloaded, if a clank was heard the musket was still loaded. The men are in the Order-Arms position.

On RAMMERS, bring the musket to the LOAD position and place the rammer in the barrel. Resume the position of Order-Arms. The inspector can take the rammer by the small end, and spring it in the barrel, or cause each man to make the rammer ring in the barrel. Each man, after the inspector passes him, will return rammer, and face to the front.


Throw the musket diagonally across the body, the lock to the front, grasp it at the same instant with both hands, the right at the small of the stock, the left at the lower band, the two thumbs pointing towards the muzzle, the barrel sloping upwards and crossing opposite.


Bring the musket to the left shoulder, placing the left hand under the butt. Drop the right hand by the side.

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